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Jim Corbett national park is one of the largest national parks in India and is named after the famous hunter sir Jim Corbett who shot a number of man-eating leopards and tigers in Kumaon Himalaya region during his early days and later he turned into a conservationist. The area of about 520 shelters more than 50 species of mammals, 27 reptiles, 488 plants and 580 birds including some popular entries like Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Himalayan bears, Otters, Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Yellow throated martens, Crested serpent eagles, Collared falconets, Pallas’s fish eagle, Blossom headed parakeets, Tawny fish owls, Red jungle fowls, Gharials, Marsh crocodiles and King cobras.

The geological formations have carved Corbett national park into a photographer’s dreamland! From beautiful forest canopies to milky white river beds, from starry nights to chilling winds, Corbett offers a perfect composition to observe, enjoy and photograph the biodiversity in its natural habitat. These Terai forests and its wildlife has their own uniqueness quotient and makes sure every traveler exploring this territory gets some mesmerizing take home.

The zones of tourism:
The Jim Corbett National Park has been split into five different zones to boost tourism in the area. These are designated as buffer or core region of the park where tourists can engage in a wildlife safari and experience the captivating behaviour of animals during the Jim Corbett tour.

The zone of Bijrani safari: Bijrani zone, due to its ample natural beauty and open grasslands, is a famous tourist centre. The zone's entrance gate is just 1 Km away from the city of Ramnagar.

The Zone of Jhirna Safari: Jhirna is yet another key tourist area in Jim Corbett National Park, open all year round for visitors. Jhirna Gate is 16 km away from the city of Ramnagar.

The Zone of Dhela Safari: Dhela is a recent eco-tourism area included in the tiger reserve zone in November 2014 in Corbett National Park. It is the only area open to CTR tourists in the buffer zone of reserve. The region attracts the interest of a significant number of tourists due to its rich flora and fauna, accessible all year round, situated about 13 km from Ramnagar Town.

The Zone of Dhikala: As Corbett's largest and most varied region, Dhikala is renowned for its immense natural beauty and the best sight for exotic wildlife. The entrance gate is 18 km away from the city of Ramnagar. Also, for diehard wildlife lovers, night stay within the Dhikala Tourism Region is strongly recommended. Jim Corbett Jeep Safari tour in Ramnagar covers this zone vividly.

The zone of Durga Devi: Situated on the Jim Corbett National Park's north-eastern border, the Durga Devi region is the paradise on earth for bird watchers. The entrance gate is constructed about 36 km from the city of Ramnagar.

The Buffer Zone of Sitabani: Sitabani zone is not come under Corbett Tiger reserve. But, if you love peaceful atmosphere, then you should visit the Sitabani area by choosing an eminent Jim Corbett Safari Package.

How to arrive/reach at Corbett?

Ramnagar can be the best and safest way to reach Corbett National Park which formulates the head office of CTR. This small town is well linked to major Indian such as Delhi, Nainital, Bareilly and Moradabad by both road and rail route. While arriving at Ramnagar, do check our interesting Jim Corbett tour packages.

Road route: Ramnagar city does have a very decent road network that links the various cities. The Corbett National Park is located about 260 kilometers from national capital Delhi. We provide amazing Jim Corbett tour packages from Delhi at reasonable prices. Uttarakhand's state government positions many buses specifically to Corbett at a fast interval of time from Delhi, Nainital, Haldawani, and Moradabad.

Rail route: Ramnagar railway station receives trains from various major Indian cities such as Delhi, Bareilly, and Moradabad. There is a direct train from Delhi to Ramnagar. One can search out Ranikhet Express, Kathgodam Express, and Corbett Link Express which will take you to Ramnagar straightaway.

Distance from major Indian cities:

  • Delhi to Ramnagar via Moradabad and Kashipur - 260 kms
  • Nainital to Ramnagar via Kaladhungi - 62 kms
  • Dehradun to Ramnagar - 262 kms
  • Lucknow to Ramnagar via Bareilly, Kicha, Rudrapur, and Kashipur - 436 kms

Lodge of the Dhikala Forest:

Jim Corbett National Park is India's only national park that provides a night stay in the forest. The Dhikala forest lodge is a historic building designed by Britishers around hundred years ago. This apartment building is very famous among visitors. It provides comfortable accommodation alternative with amazing views of flora and fauna. Though it is not very lavish, but its experience is memorable. Forest department regulates the tourism within the park.

The booking process for Dhikala

Visitor Name, Age, Sex, Identity Proof (Passport No., PAN No., Voter ID, Adhar card) and the required amount must be presented for further booking. The room availability should confirm 90 days before the arrival. We are the local tour providers helps in improving the reservation process for the house or private hotels & resorts. Checkout our Dhikala Forest One Night Tour Package to make your trip comfortable.

Please remember that we are not liable for quality services at the forest rest room, which is run by the forest department. For a quality service, go for a premium Corbett Dhikala Tour Package.

Jim Corbett National Park’s Jungle Safari

Jim Corbett National Park tour provides wildlife safari in the middle of the forest with various choices such as Jeep Safari, Canter Safari and Elephant Safari. Visitors can have safaris through Corbett's jungle and may snag a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tigers too. One can go for Corbett Jeep Safari booking or any other Safari booking in advance to avoid troubled visits.

Jim Corbett’s Jeep Safari Tour:

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett is utmost viable option to explore National Park's real wilderness and diverse flora and fauna species. Jeep drive is allowed to visit all of the park's core zones. It’s the most prevalent way because, as compared to canter, Jeep is smaller in size that easily carries visitors to some of the jungle's uncharted and disguised corners where tigers can find. In tourist areas such as Bijrani, Durgadevi, Jhirna, Sitabani, and Dhela, Jeep Safari tour is operated.

Canter Safari Corbett Tour:

If you're interested in exploring the Royal Bengal Tigers ' most populous zone that is in Dhikala Tourism Region, the only choice is a canter safari which is run by Corbett forest officials in two shifts. This is another way to experience Jim Corbett National Park's vast forest. If you're heading in a squad of 10-20 people so Canter is the perfect way to explore Corbett's biodiversity. Canter Corbett tours also assures the tourists; a maximum protection. This is an open top vehicle and a perfect way to enjoy the safaris of wildlife.